Banjo Dreamy Dessert Cups

  • Orange Sherbet
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • The zest of one orange
  • Fresh Mint

Line a muffin tin with cut out circles from wax paper or cling wrap.  Soften both your orange sherbet and your vanilla ice cream.  As they soften, and you are able to work with them, make a small layer of orange sherbet in each muffin tin.  Go back and add a layer of softened vanilla ice cream.  Repeat layers, and add another wax paper circle to the top.  Pop muffin tin in freezer and allow your ice cream to “set” and harden again.  When it is time to serve, Place a “Banjo Cup” on a dessert plate, and garnish with orange zest and fresh mint.  These are beautiful little desserts, and they will make you close your eyes and you are a child all over again!  Perfect for dinner parties; a simple, yet elegant dessert!