Watch Aimee making this easy treat!



  • 2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup whole coffee beans (I used Nashville Roast Out of Africa, 100% Arabica Beans)
  • Optional, 1 Tablespoon Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar 
  • Optional, 1 Tablespoon Baker's Brew Coffee Spice 

In a double boiler (a bowl placed over a sauce pan with simmering water), melt your chocolate chips. You want to use an Arabica type bean, simply because it is less bitter, and tastes better with the chocolate; but use your personal preference! Working in small batches, drop the coffee beans into the chocolate and coat them well. Using a slotted spoon or a fork, remove the coated beans and place on parchment paper. While the chocolate is still wet, if desired, sprinkle the beans with the peppermint sugar or the coffee spice. Allow to set, then either break apart if clumped together, or just scoop up and store in an airtight container.