• Champagne 
  • Orange (or Peach or mango) sorbet 
  • 2 oz. Triple Sec 
  • 2 oz. Orange Rum or Orange Vodka (both can be added) 
  • Sugar Rimmed Martini Glasses

In a blender, fill it half-way full of champagne. Add two or three scoops of peach sorbet, then the shots of triple sec and rum/vodka. Blend covered. (You do not want the blender more than half full of champagne, or you will have a big mess!) Cover a saucer with sugar and another with water. Dip the glass in the water to coat the rim, then roll the rim in the sugar to sugar coat the glass. Garnish with a sugared orange rind, or an orange slice. (You can use any flavor of sorbet, and change around the liquors that you add).